2018 Project Pan Wrap Up: the Last Products I Finished

One of my resolutions for this year was to start using up my makeup, especially the products I didn’t get much use out of. As I cleared products out of my collection, I added more products I wanted to finish, and have been doing periodic “empties” or check-ins. This is my final check-in of 2018, but I definitely will be continuing this journey into 2019!

My Morning Skincare Essentials

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized I need to start taking better care of my skin. Young Kylah relished in the fact that my skin, no matter how poorly I treated it, never broke out, never got irritated, and always looked soft and smooth.

We're All Influencers; We're All Content Creators

There’s been a lot of hoopla in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle community regarding the delineation between “content creators” and “influencers”, and “makeup artists” and “makeup enthusiasts.” It’s pretty much spurred into one group of people, particularly those with a larger subscriber, follower, or fanbase count, complaining about being grouped as an “influencer” along with those with smaller followings.

Products I Shouldn't Have Spent My Money On

Being a beauty blogger is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I’m willing to shell out my own money to test out products and review them for others, hoping for those people to not spend money on a crappy product. On the other hand, I’m a small blogger and self-financed, meaning I spend my money on these products, and thus, end up with a collection of subpar makeup items and an emptier bank account.

Untrodden Territory

As I write this, I’m going into my senior year of college, and while I may look like I have it all together on my Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, I’m absolutely shitting my pants.

10 Items No One Tells You You'll Need for College

I either bring 10 pairs of underwear for an overnight stay (hey, you never know how many different accidents you might have or if anyone will have to see your undies because of them), or I forget to bring any except the ones I’m wearing that day. Especially when packing for college, I brought and bought a bunch of items I really didn’t need, but I also didn’t buy a few that could’ve made my life infinitely easier.

Life is Overwhelming.

I know that no one likes to hear the whole “Life Update: Where Did I Go?” type of spiel, but I honestly believe mine can be helpful to others in the fact that just because I’m an “influencer” and put some of my life online (mainly the happiest parts), doesn’t mean everything is okay.