Music of the Moment: February 2018

Music of the Moment: February 2018

Music is a source of solace for me and many others, and it can directly impact the mood of its listeners. If I need a pick-me-up, I listen to alternative rock music. If I’m in a self-reflexive state, I’ll opt for R&B. My music library contains almost every genre except country (I can’t stand country music, sorry). For this post, I’ve decided to compile a list of songs that I’ve had on repeat for the last month or so. Let me know your favorite music of the moment too!

1.       Mania by Fall Out Boy: I’ve had this album on repeat since it came out in mid-January. I listen to it when I work out. I listen to it when I’m driving. I listen to it when I’m showering. I’m in love. I’ve been a punk rock/alternative girl since probably the first grade, when I discovered Fall Out Boy. The first song I ever listened to was Sugar, We’re Going Down and I’ve been an addict ever since. On this particular CD, my favorite songs have to be Young and Menace, The Last of the Real Ones, Wilson (Expensive Mistakes), Heaven’s Gate, and Sunshine Riptide (ft. Burna Boy). I know this is half of the album, but when I say every single song is a bop, I mean it. These are just the ones I now know I needed in my life.

2.       God’s Plan by Drake: I’m sure you’ve heard this song in every single Instagram/Snapchat story, YouTube intro, and at on-campus events if you’re in college. It’s spreading like wildfire. Now, I’m not the biggest Drake fan; I didn’t really enjoy his last album at all and prefer his older music. (The music video for this song makes me feel bad for this Drake "slander," but it has to be said.) This song seems to be a start to getting back the “Old Drake” who doesn’t imitate every cool accent he comes across. I’m not holding my breath, though, since he’s allegedly trying to pick up a reggae feel to his voice. I guess I’ll stick to this single and his old stuff. Like I have been for years now. No big deal…

3.       Holding Your Tongue by Terror Jr: Terror Jr is probably the best thing to come out of a long car drive to New Jersey. I found them through the song Appreciation from a pre-release of their album Bop City 2: TerroRising and haven’t looked back. I honestly have no idea what their lyrics mean half the time, but it’s catchy and so crude and different for me. It’s somewhere between pop, electronic dance music, and alternative - a nice mix. This song just really has a nice driving beat that makes any car drive fun.

4.       Mesmerize by Ja Rule, featuring Ashanti: Throwback time! I’ve heard this song for years and never knew the name of it, and never thought to Shazam it when I heard it. My cousin played this in his car over the holidays and I was ecstatic that I could finally add it to my library. It’s a classic. You just have to listen to it for yourself.

5.       Sucker by Two Door Cinema Club: This is definitely an “I’m in a pissy mood” type of song, but I still will listen to it at any time. It sounds a bit like carnival music, but slowed down to seem almost scary and morbid? Not enough to cause nightmares, but enough to make you feel like you’re floating through the air with carnies and cotton candy.

6.       Fia by Davido:  I attribute this find to my boo. He always wakes up around six or six-thirty in the morning, and he plays music softly while I’m still (partially) asleep. I’ve added a lot of his favorite music to my library simply because it reminds me of him. This is one of those songs, but I do also really love the upbeat tempo. I only understand a few words, but they sound so pretty, especially rolling off the tongue of my boyfriend.

7.       The Cure by Lady Gaga: Thank the Lord that Gaga’s Joanne phase is coming to a close. Like I said before, I don’t like country or anything that sounds like it, so Gaga was bye-bye for me there for a while. Even before that, though, I wasn’t feeling much of her music – a few songs here and there, but nothing major for me. When I heard her perform this song on some MTV awards show, I listened to it for hours on repeat. Thank goodness the pop in Gaga is coming back out.

8.       Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato: Demi is easily one of my favorite artists and celebrities at the moment. She’s beautiful and so strong, and seemingly pretty down to earth. I watched her documentary and fell in love with her as a person. I’ve liked her music for the most part, but this album definitely got me hooked. Sorry Not Sorry is obviously a bop, but her more soulful hits Tell Me You Love Me and You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore are relatable and tell a story. And your girl here loves a story. Daddy Issues is another super relatable selection for me and for a lot of other ladies and lads out there.

9.       Bartier Cardi by Cardi B: Cardi is an inspiration. Not necessarily my inspiration, but still an inspiration. She went from stripper to B-List reality TV personality to chart-topping artist quite quickly, and I respect that completely. I mainly listen to this song and Bodak Yellow at the gym because the beats really get me pumped up, but they’re also great for a pre-clubbing playlist.

10.   Wait by Maroon 5: Maroon 5 is another group that I’ve loved from the start. If I needed a song to analyze for my English or Literature classes, you bet I was picking Maroon 5. Wait is one of their classic love/breakup/make-up songs, but I really enjoy the beat (again) on this one. I’m listening to it as I’m writing this post. Totally a coincidence, too.

Which one’s do you like as well? Did I give you some good ideas for new music to listen to? I sure hope so.

Write you little lovelies later,

XO Ky M.

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