Product Rediscovery: February 2018

Product Rediscovery: February 2018

In being a beauty blogger, I have a ton of products. I’m also a bit of a shopaholic, so that doesn’t help the situation much either. With already having so much makeup and always buying more so I can review the hottest new products, it’s a no-brainer that some of my products would get pushed to the side and forgotten about. Early in February, I made the decision to try out a few new products per week to utilize my large collection and to also remember if I even enjoy certain products. Thus, this “Product Rediscovery” series was born. I have five products I thought were amazing (and couldn’t believe that I didn’t use more often) and five not so great items I could’ve and should’ve probably skipped out on.

1.       Flower Beauty Powder Up! Loose Powder in L02: When I first tried this product, I really disliked it. The sifter was terrible and fell out every single time I attempted to pour some out in the cap. The packing in and of itself is a hassle. Yes, it’s a beautiful white with rose gold detailing, but that gets dirty quite quickly. Combine that with it being big and bulky and barely functional, and we have a problem. The product itself I thought was just okay. If I used it with a beauty sponge, it would oxidize to a red shade under my eyes, even though the shade in the tub looks like it would match my skin nearly exactly, and I’m not red-toned at all. It set well, and I noticed minimal creasing. Still, I didn’t use it much because the packaging was such a pain in the butt just for my under eyes to end up being red while the rest of my face was golden.

I’ll admit – the packaging is still a major fail for me. I’d rather see classic loose powder packaging rather than having something so bulky. My thoughts on the product itself have changed completely now. I don’t know if it’s because my skin type is a little different than it was when I first tried this powder, but I love it! It still oxidizes a little red if I use a damp beauty sponge, but if I use a concealer that is a little lighter than I would normally like, it cancels the redness out. If I use this with a brush, I notice no redness at all. The change in color could just be due to contact with water, but I’m unsure since I’m still on my first tub. I’d need to buy a new one to confirm. This sets the makeup, both under the eyes and all over the face, beautifully! I hardly crease when I use this, even when I apply concealers that are normally a creasy mess on my already lined under eye are. When I use this to set areas where my pores are more pronounced, my texture virtually disappears. There’s no flashback associated with this powder, and I stay mattified without feeling dried out and dehydrated. I’m one-hundred percent a fan of this product now, and once I clear out more of my loose powders, I’ll be trying their others (if I’m not mistaken, they have a matte translucent one and a luminous translucent one – lots of options).

2.       Milani Cosmetics Contour & Highlight Cream & Liquid Duo in Medium/Dark: I loved this product when I first tried it out, and I still love it now that I’ve rediscovered it. I fell out of love with cream contouring for a while and was using my powder contour palettes more frequently, and that’s the only reason I forgot about this product. It also didn’t help that I wasn’t a huge cream and liquid highlighter fan until more recently. Creams do look so much more natural on the skin, so I decided to play around with this product more, and it’s become a favorite of mine.

The contour side is the perfect shade for someone of my complexion, and would probably work well on skin tones a few shades deeper than mine. They do have a color even deeper than this, which is amazing since contour and bronzer shades for darker women are sometimes nonexistent in the drugstore. This shade is neutral-pulling-warm, which I actually prefer on my skin tone. Cool toned contours look grey and deathly on me. The stick isn’t too fat, so application is quite precise and a sharp contour can be created. The formula is very creamy, but not so creamy that it moves around the face and looks muddy.

When I originally tried the highlight side, I thought it was pretty “meh.” At the time, everyone was all about a super stark zebra stripe on the cheekbones, and I fell for the hype. Although I love an “in your face” type of highlight a lot of the time, it’s not practical for every day and for every single makeup look. When I rediscovered this product, I was into a very toned-down makeup look – just concealer, contour, highlight, powder, and lip gloss. This was perfect for me, and I often wear it on my lazy days. It’s a beautiful golden-apricot-bronze that compliments my skin so perfectly. For being a liquid highlight, it’s not splotchy and blends out evenly; it dries down and doesn’t move around, just like the contour stick. I know I’ll be using this on pool days this summer. It will give me that sun-kissed glow on a nice bare face.

3.       The Beauty Crop GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in Date Night: To be completely honest, the formula on this lipstick is subpar to the other brands of liquid lipstick I’ve tried. The biggest issue is the application. You have to be incredibly careful not to touch the top and bottom lips together, or else it gets patchy, and after it’s patchy, it’s impossible to fix without taking the lipstick off completely and starting over. Even though it dries down to a powdery matte finish, rubbing the lips together too intensely and too often will cause it to crumble. It doesn’t have the best staying power, but it is more comfortable than a lot of other brands out there. The reason this is actually a product I enjoy is more for the color than anything else. It’s a beautiful rosy-coral, and I’ve been in love with this type of shade for the transition from winter to spring. Coral lipsticks can often look neon on my skin tone, but the rosy tones in this one help it look a bit more natural. Not necessarily nude-ish, but natural enough that I don’t look like a block of orange or pink is splattered in the middle of my face.

4.       e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal: This has always been a product I’ve enjoyed, even though, as I previously stated, I’m not much of a liquid highlight gal. The other reason I just don’t reach for this product often is because it’s a light pink highlighter, and I don’t wear those as often as I wear bronze and gold highlights. This is my go-to pink illuminator, though, and I use this pretty much any time I have a cool-toned look on the rest of my face or am wearing more mauve, pink, and purple tones. This is another liquid that dries down completely and won’t move around on the face, and the lasting power is terrific. It can look a little splotchy if it isn’t blended out quick enough, and I’m not particularly fond of using a beauty sponge with this. My favorite way to apply it is to squeeze it on a makeup palette of some sort (I use the top to an old candle), pounce the Real Techniques Contour Brush into the product, and stipple it on the face. This method gives me the best coverage with minimal to no spottiness.

5.       Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powders in Crown of My Canopy & Precious Petals: I think we can all tell that one of my major weaknesses when it comes to makeup is highlight. I have so many, and just continue to purchase more of them because they can look so different from one another! These are my favorite formula when I’m going for a zebra-stripe like highlight, but they can be applied to be more subdued. I like these because they’re straight shimmer; there’s no chunky glitter at all. They apply and look like butter on the skin, and they don’t accentuate my texture. On the day I’m typing this, I’ve actually just tried out a newer highlight palette, and it was so chunky and flaky that it made me love these illuminators even more.


6.       Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Setting Spray: When this product first launched, I thought it was amazing, but at the time there weren’t many setting sprays at the drugstore. The only other one I had tried at that point was the e.l.f. Cosmetics one, and that wasn’t particularly great. While this is a step up from that one in my eyes, this one isn’t that good either. The price is amazing, of course, and it’s a viable option for those who don’t want to pay twenty or more dollars for a product that may or may not be necessary. I just don’t believe it’s as good as others I’ve tried, especially now that more affordable brands have also come out with sprays. For starters, while the packaging is cute, the nozzle is quite aggressive and often drenches my face and my clothing. It leaves water droplets all over my face; luckily, the droplets don’t displace makeup. Secondly, something in this spray seems to irritate my skin a little. It’s honestly nothing major, but I wanted to note it because some people don’t enjoy products that could possibly make their face tingly or irritated. The formula itself is just okay. I like that it’s not mattifying, as I’ve been enjoying the dewy and natural finish look lately, but I’m not quite sure it makes my makeup look any better or stay on any longer. As I said, it’s not terrible, but with so many great affordable options out now, it’s subpar.


7.       Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Stripped: This product is nearly a total fail for me. I can hardly ever make it work, but I love the color. The shade is quite a bit lighter than the swatches on the website advertised, but I love light-peachy nudes with a dark, terracotta-brown lip liner, so I figured I’d keep it instead of sending it back. The formula is awful. This shade is patchy and has to be built up, but if I build it up enough for it to no longer be patchy, it begins to get gunky. I often just put on one patchy layer, and then top it with a lip gloss (my favorite to use with this shade is the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow); even sometimes doing this makes it gunky. If I want to reapply throughout the day, I have to completely clean off my lips, reapply my lip liner, reapply the patchy layer, and they reapply the lip gloss – and that’s just too many steps for me being a busy college student. The wear time isn’t great, either. I know this is supposed to be their more “comfortable” formula (and it definitely is more comfortable than there Ultra Matte Lips) but for it to dry down as nearly matte and only last on me for about two hours…yikes. I just feel as though both formulas of their lip products are way overhyped, and I’ve been apprehensive about trying any other lip products from them.

8.       L.A. Girl Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer in Medium Beige: This is the only product in today’s blog post that I’m still unsure about whether I really like it or not. It honestly depends on the day and the other products I’m using along with this as to how I feel about it. I really don’t like the packaging, more so for the brush tip than for it being a squeeze tube. The combination of the two makes the product difficult to distribute, and giving the tube too hard of a squeeze deposits way too much product.This specific shade is a little too light for my skin tone, but since most of the foundations in my collection right now are too dark for me, this helps brighten them up so they almost look my shade. This concealer is more matte than what I like for right now, and can sometimes make the forehead and under the eyes look a little ashy and flaky. If I use all hydrating products, though, it looks fine. Sometimes it creases, and sometimes it doesn’t. The loose powder that I’ve noticed works the best with this concealer is the e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder; it doesn’t budge with that one. The powder it dislikes the most is the Kat Von D Loose Setting Powder, even though this powder works well with most of my other concealers. I want to try this out in the proper shade before I render a definitive verdict on it.


9.       NYX Cosmetics Round Lipstick in Cocoa: This was my absolute favorite lipstick at one point, but that was young in my makeup lifetime. I used to enjoy how creamy this lipstick is because it didn’t dry out my lips, but it’s so creamy that it travels far outside my lip lines and makes a mess. The shade is absolutely beautiful; I love any lipstick with a brown tone to it, especially if the shade also pulls a little pink. The reason I still have it and am still wearing it is because I love the shade so much, and that purple sticker means I want to use it up by the end of this year. (I have a YouTube video up on my Products to Finish by 2018, but let me know if you’d like to see an update here on my blog.)

10.   Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick in Peachy Keen: I already believe that these lipsticks were way overhyped in the social media beauty community. Some are better than others, but they’re thick, get gunky with lip gloss applied over them, and the lighter and brighter colors are very patchy. This peach shade is one of those that is patchy, and trying to smooth over the patchiness with a gloss just doesn’t work. I often use a lip liner with this to mitigate the patchiness, but sometimes it’s still noticeable. I also have a gripe with the shade itself. In the packaging it looks like an unassuming peach, but when applied to the lips, it’s neon pinky-peach. It’s just not flattering on my skin tone, and if I knew someone who enjoyed these types of shades, I would just give it away. It’s that bad.


I really hope you all enjoy this new series on my blog; definitely let me know what products in your collection you’ve rediscovered and whether they were hidden gems or just common metals.

Write you little lovelies later,

XO Ky M.

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