Morphe X Bretman "Babe In Paradise" Highlighter Palette Review + Swatches

Morphe X Bretman "Babe In Paradise" Highlighter Palette Review + Swatches

Welcome back to the blog! I know posts have been a little sparse lately, but the end of the semester is nearing, which means school, work, and studying are piling on. Fortunately, I’m almost on spring break and have a few days to pre-write some posts to stay more consistent with uploading. Today I have an exciting review on the Morphe X Bretman Babe in Paradise Highlighter Palette! I’m a huge fan of Bretman Rock, as I love his shameless personality and flair. He’s also the king of glow, so when I heard he was collaborating with Morphe for a highlighter palette, I knew I had to purchase it to support and to get my glow on. I ordered it the minute it dropped (I had zero issues with ordering on the website), and I’ve been testing it out for about two weeks now to give you all the details. I hope this review is helpful, and if you have any additional questions that I didn’t address in the post, feel free to comment on this post or direct message me on Instagram. You may also want to stick around until the end of this post as well because I have a nice little surprise.

Price/Where to Buy/Amount of Product: The Babe in Paradise Highlighter Palette retails for $29 on the Morphe website. As of right now, I don’t believe this is available at any other retailers, such as Ulta or; it is currently exclusive to and Morphe stores (if there is one in a location near you). The palette also comes with the Custom Fan Brush that has “Morphe X Bretman” embossed in aqua blue writing on the wooden handle. Similar fan brushes retail for around $5 on the Morphe website, so I will assume the cost of the palette itself is approximately $24. There are six shades of highlight, which averages out to about $4 per highlight. There are twenty-eight grams of product total in the palette, which is about four and two-thirds grams per highlight, and the price per gram of product would be $0.89 per gram, for a price per highlight (based on the amount of product) of approximately $4.17. Either way, the price per highlight is less than $5, which is honestly a steal to begin with, but even more of a steal for how great this formula is.

BIP 2.jpg

Packaging: The packaging on this product, from the box to the actual product, screams Bretman and completely fits the whole “paradise theme.” I’m grateful that the packaging is not a white or light grey shade; it’s a deeper tan, so foundation, concealer, and other face product marks won’t be quite as noticeable on this packaging as, for instance, the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette. Unfortunately, the packaging is not laminated (it has that cardboard-feel, but a little bit slicker than regular cardboard packaging), but I haven’t found makeup stains too difficult to wipe off. I still prefer laminated cardboard for packaging, though. On both the outer box and the palette, the writing is in a holographic aqua-to-ocean-blue-shift lettering, and tropical flowers line the edges of the palette. The back of the box has a stunning picture of Bretman Rock and some information about the collaboration.

The inside of the palette is aqua blue with white writing. On the top part of the palette, there is a message from Bretman to his fans and purchasers of the palette, and I’m glad that the message conveys his personality and isn’t censored for the sake of prude souls. The name of each shade is printed on the palette underneath the shade it refers to.

As aforementioned, the Custom Fan Brush has a lightweight, “wooden” handle, and “Morphe X Bretman” embossed in the same holographic blue lettering as the palette. The ferule is golden and the bristles are beige/white natural bristles.  Morphe does claim to be cruelty-free, but I myself am not quite sure how natural bristles can be completely cruelty-free. The brush is pretty large; I go into more detail later in this review, but the size of the brush actually makes it difficult to dip into the pans. It's also not my favorite brush because it's too big for my cheek area, as I have a pretty small area to work with and like a more precise highlight, but it does the job of applying highlighter decently well. 

Shade Range: This palette literally has a shade for pretty much every skin tone, as well as an overall nice mixture of tones. Some highlighter palettes have varying tones of essentially the same shade (e.g. a palette with light gold, medium gold, and dark gold/bronze shades); this palette definitely mixes pink/rose tones, bronze tones, and gold tones to have a shade complimentary to pretty much everyone’s skin. The first shade is “Behbeh Girl” which is described as a “pearlescent pink.” “Vaygation” is an “iced champagne sheen,” “Mahu” is a “gilded gold,” “Get Lei’d” is a “peachy pink sheen,” “Cheehoo” is a “soft rose sheen,” and “Shady Bitch” is a “golden copper luster.”

BIP 5.jpg

I’d say the colors are pretty accurate to the descriptions on the Morphe website. On my dark skin tone, the shades “Vaygation,” “Mahu,” and “Get Lei’d” look a little similar, but they each have subtle differences that make them unique enough to have all been included in the palette. “Mahu” is my personal favorite because it pulls the most gold, I enjoy “Vaygation” for the days I want something with a light champagne/gold tone, and “Get Lei’d” isn’t as peach as the website suggests; on my skin, it pulls more silver, but that could be because my skin is very warm toned at this time of year. Those are my top three favorite shades from the palette.

My least favorite shade right now would have to be “Shady Bitch.” It’s a beautiful shade, but it’s way too dark for me as a highlight but not dark enough to be a bronzer; it just gives my cheekbones sheen. This would be beautiful for deeper skin tones, though, but for now I’ll just use it as an eye shadow. I don’t love nor hate the shades “BehBeh Girl” and “Cheehoo,” but I personally don’t gravitate to pink and rose shades for highlight, so I find myself not using these two shades much either.

Formula Details:

·         The Claims: This formula is a brand-new highlighter formula, named their High Impact Highlighters, which are “daringly creamy, zero-gravity highlighters,” and claim to “create explosive, prismatic effects.” In other words, this highlighter formula is meant to make you glow to the gawds.

·         Application: I applied these highlighters using three different brushes and two different techniques, and honestly, these apply beautifully regardless of the brush and/or technique used!  These have a really smooth texture and don’t have chunky glitter in them, so they don’t accentuate texture like some other highlighters do.  In the following analysis of the highlighters’ applications, I used the shade “Cheehoo,” but all of these shades perform the exact same and the consistency in the formula of each shade is impeccable.

The first brush I used was the fan brush that came with the palette. I’m not going to lie, since the brush was so large, it was a little difficult to get the brush in the pan without also dipping a little into the other pans, but I was able to build up enough product on the middle portion of the brush and just used that to apply to the cheeks. As displayed below, I get even coverage using this brush, and I can build up a pretty blinding glow using this (photos were taken in natural lighting on a partly-cloudy day).

BIP 9.jpg

The second brush I used is the e.l.f. Cosmetics Small Tapered Brush, which is a highly recommended highlighter brush that typically packs amazing pigment. I actually think, compared to the Custom Fan Brush, this one fell a little flat. Although this brush usually works better than a fan brush for most of my other highlighters, it didn’t help me pack as much of a punch as it usually does.

BIP 10.jpg

The third brush I used is the Sonia Kashuk No. 176 Highlighting Fan Makeup Brush, which I think performs better than both the Morphe and the e.l.f. Cosmetics brushes. This highlight on my nose is so blinding here, and I’ve been using this brush the most in my day to day makeup routine.

BIP 11.jpg

I used two different techniques as well, the first of which is the highlighter application on the e.l.f. Cosmetics Small Tapered Brush, with the product straight out of the pan (pictured above in the brush application breakdown). The second technique is picking up the highlighter on the same brush, but spraying my brush with setting spray (I personally used the Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Natural Finish Setting Spray) and then applying the highlight to my cheeks. Though the highlighter looks amazing on its own, wetting the brush gives me that stark, “wet” looking highlight that is popular amongst the beauty community, but does so without looking too heavy or like a zebra stripe. I almost never wet my brush with any other highlighters, but I absolutely love that wet look with this specific formula.

All in all, BUY THIS! It’s an absolutely amazing highlighter formulation for an unbeatable price, and I definitely see it becoming one of my yearly favorites, if not a holy grail product. I’ve used this every single day since I purchased it, not just because it’s new and I wanted to make sure I was thoroughly trying the formula, but because I genuinely like them a million times more than any other highlight I have right now. I was actually in the works of making a “favorite highlighters” blog post, but this palette swooped in and changed up the game, so I’ll be in the process of rewriting that post to include these highlighters as well. I love it so much, that I’m actually considering buying a backup, which is something I almost never do since I already have so much makeup to use up.

Don’t think I forgot about my surprise, though… it’s a giveaway! I have an extra palette to give to one of you all who follow my blog and my Instagram page (I’ll be posting this giveaway on there as well). To win, all you have to do is:

1.       Follow my Instagram page: @iamkymofficial

2.       Comment on this blog post with what shade is your absolute favorite from this palette, along with your Instagram handle, and

3.       (Optional/Additional Entry): Subscribe to my mailing list!

That’s all you have to do to win this gorgeous palette! I wish the best of luck to you all, and plan to close this giveaway a month from when this post is uploaded (April 28), and I will announce the winner on my Instagram stories.

Write you little lovelies later,

XO Ky M.

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