Collective Haul: Thrift Store Finds, Fashion Nova, Ulta, & More!

Collective Haul: Thrift Store Finds, Fashion Nova, Ulta, & More!

I’ve been on a little shopping binge over the last few months…but is this really news? I have a little bit of makeup and beauty, some clothing and swimwear, and even an accessory item – so I think this necessitates a “collective haul.” I used to do these on my YouTube channel all the time, so why not bring them to the blog as well?

The first place I went to was Ulta, as per usual. From there, I picked up:

1.       Fizz and Bubble Artesian Bath Fizzies in “Sandalwood Vanilla,” “Lavender Fields,” and “Rose Garden”: This is my favorite brand of bath bombs! They’re only $6 each, but when I purchased these, they were on sale for half the price. I like them because they make the entire bathroom smell of whatever scent the bomb is in, and my skin always feels silky smooth after bathing with these. “Rose Garden” is my favorite scent so far, as it’s a very clean floral smell (I’ve actually repurchased this scent multiple times). My boyfriend loves bathing with these bath bombs, too!

CH 1.jpg

2.       Ulta Beauty Bath Fizzes in “Fresh Water Mist” and “Simply Clean”: You’re probably wondering what the difference is between these and the Fizz and Bubble ones, but these are more of a tablet. They give off less scent, less fizz, and don’t moisturize the skin at all, but I like these when I want a quicker bath experience rather than a relaxing, more indulging bath. I pretty much just use these when I don’t want to “waste” my bigger bath bombs, as these are cheaper as well (only $2.50 a pop most of the time).

CH 2.jpg

3.       Pacifica Roll on Perfume and Hand Cream in “Tuscan Blood Orange”: This scent is amazing. That’s honestly the only reason I purchased these, as I have plenty of other fragrances and hand creams to go through. I had been eyeing this perfume for a while, and I always talk about wanting to go cruelty-free with my perfume collection, and since Pacifica was part of a buy two get two free deal, I figured there was no better time than then to purchase this. The hand cream was in the clearance bin as well, so why not buy the matching set? I This is definitely a citrusy scent, but I cannot put into words how amazing this smells. I want to bathe in it. All the time. Like I said, I have too many fragrances right now to be dropping money on any full-size bottles, but this roll on was only $12 regularly, and it was actually an item I ended up getting for free. Score.

CH 3.jpg

4.       Vitabath Pomegranate & Blood Orange Body Wash: I ran out of body wash. I was using one from the brand Raw Sugar, and I actually loved that brand of body wash. I loved it so much I put them in a favorites video months ago while I was still on YouTube, and the brand actually found that video about three months ago. They told me to email their team, and I did so. It took two weeks for me to get a response, but when I did get one, they told me to email their PR team – which I then did. Here we are, two and a half months later, and I still haven’t gotten a response. It’s a little petty on paper, but customer relations is an area I care a lot about, and this just rubbed me the wrong way. I may return to their products at a later date, but when I ran out of my body wash, the wound of rejection was still pretty fresh. I purchased this and have been using it, and it does the job. This smells very similar to the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange scent, which is what truly roped me in. Unfortunately, the scent doesn’t transfer to the skin at all, and this body wash isn’t exceptional by any means.

CH 5.jpg

5.       Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in “Coconut Lime”: If summer were a scent, this would be it. It smells exactly like coconut and lime mixed together in the most perfect proportions. The sugar scrub really sloughs off the dead skin on my body while also moisturizing a little bit, and since sugar dissolves in water, my bath tub never gets clogged with beads, coffee, or other exfoliants usually used in body scrubs. Once my Ulta has some different scents in stock, I’ll be sniffing out a new one to take home with me. For only about $8, they’re definitely a forever repurchase for me.

CH 6.jpg

6.       NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Glosses in “Summer Fruit” and “Orangesicle”: I realized I owned very few bold, summer-appropriate lip products when I did my Spring/Summer Lippies post. I also noticed that most of the ones I had were either a matte formula or a cream lipstick formula; I didn’t have any bright colored glosses. Since I love the formula of my other two Intense Butter Glosses, I figured I needed to pick more of these glosses out. They’re more of a lip lacquer, but without the tackiness, but they also don’t slide around the lips and the face. I have to admit, though, these brighter shades are streakier than the nude and deeper shades, but if applied in thin layers, they work fine, especially for only $6 a piece. These two are very electric colors, so they’re not for the faint of heart.

CH 4.jpg

Since my boyfriend was so tired of me wearing clothes that were two or three sizes too big for me, he took me thrift shopping – and it’s become my new addiction. I love a good bargain, and while some “thrift” stores aren’t exactly my scene (such as Goodwill), Plato’s Closet always has pretty on-trend pieces, and has become my favorite place to shop. I purchased the following on my adventures in thrift shopping:

7.       Sunnies: I have no idea of the brand nor style name; all I know is that I found them at Plato’s Closet and I love the way they look on my face. I’ve had a hard time finding sunglasses that fit my face since so many pairs are styled to be oversized, and my small face just can’t carry them well. Aviators were always what I wanted to wear since they’ve been in style since I was in the sixth grade, but they never quite looked right on me. Now, I’m thinking, “Aviators who?” I love these smaller, round frames (they’ve made me consider going to round frames whenever I purchase glasses this year – if I need them), and the black-to-dark purple fade matches with nearly any outfit I wear. I’m tempted to buy one million pairs of these, just in case I break them or lose them, but they seem pretty sturdy, and I haven’t lost them (knock on wood).

CH 7.jpg

8.       Wet Seal Romper: I paid only $8 for this bodysuit at Plato’s Closet, and it was brand new with the tags still on it. I cannot guarantee that any of these items are still in stock at a local store or on each brand’s website, but I will try to link similar items from the brand if I can't find them. (There was absolutely NOTHING on the Wet Seal website like this, sorry!) I haven’t yet worn this piece out, but I thought it would be the perfect summer “special occasion” romper. It’s not super short, and the lace detail makes it look quite intricate, but having the back out adds personality to it. I’ll definitely be wearing this on a date night, or a night out on the town.

9.       Tag Brand Stripped Jumpsuit: Quite frankly, I’ve never heard of this brand in my life. This was $8 at Plato’s Closet as well, and when I purchased this, I had zero jumpsuits and figured this was a timeless one to start my collection off with. There are plenty of jumpsuits on the market that are probably exactly like this since striped print is very in this season, but I really love this one because the legs are not too long and they don’t drag on the ground. Again, I love the back being out; it adds such sexiness without overdoing it. There is a built-in slip for the jumpsuit so it’s not see-through around the bum, but I just wish it extended all the way to the ground because the shorter slip looks somewhat awkward with the long pants. I’m debating on whether to cut the slip out, but I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, I wore this to my boyfriend’s graduation and got so many compliments on it, so I’m glad I purchased it.

10.   Windsor Red Jumpsuit: This is hot. I haven’t found an occasion to which I would wear this jumpsuit, but the minute I do, it’s coming out of the closet. This is beautiful and sexy, but shows pretty much no skin at all (my mother would approve). The color jumps against my skin tone; I can only imagine how great it will look once I have a bit more of a tan, as I’m still pretty pale at the moment. I bought this for $12 when it was originally almost $50, and I could’ve haggled the price lower because the buttons on the sleeves were missing, but I decided to just pay the $12 and put buttons on the sleeves myself, and it’s as good as new! This was another find that was actually brand new and still had the original store tag on it. I’m telling you all…thrifting is the way to go.

11.   No Boundaries Green Bodycon Dress: I actually found this dress at America’s Thrift Store, which has vibes similar to Goodwill, but a slightly better selection. I know No Boundaries is usually sold at Walmart, but literally every brand has a dress like this. It’s simple – except for the back. There’s a cross-back detail there, and I’ve actually worn that to the front as well. This is just a staple, go-to piece for summer.

12.   H&M Button Up Mini Skirt: $10 at Plato’s Closet, with the original price being $25 (it was brand new with the original tags on it). You cannot beat these bargains! These skirts are all the rage currently, and I actually had a Forever 21 skirt just like this, but since I’ve lost about fifteen pounds since I bought that skirt, it looked so frumpy on me. I sold it on Poshmark (check out my closet @iamkymofficial) and my boyfriend bought me this one to replace it. It does hike up a little on me if I sit down or walk around with a backpack, but not enough to where it’s obscene. I styled this for an upcoming outfit post, and when I wore that outfit, I got compliments all day long from complete strangers. That’s when you know an outfit is bomb.

13.   Forever 21 High-Waisted Distressed Shorts: I haven’t had a basic pair of black shorts in forever, and I felt like I needed to add this staple to my life. I didn’t want to pay the hefty price tags I saw at the Forever 21 stores or Charlotte Russe, so Plato’s came to the rescue. These fit a smidgen tight and are very short, but is it terrible to say I don’t mind my butt cheeks showing a little bit? I’ve been working for the body I currently have, so I want to show it off. The distressing is extensive, so I have to wear black underwear or else, if the pockets aren’t positioned optimally, your underwear will peek through the holes. Hopefully if I go thrifting again, I’ll be able to round out my collection with a pair of white shorts as well.

14.   Forever 21 Olive Joggers: This is a mix between being joggers and being cargo pants, but they’re super comfortable. I’ve actually already styled these on my Instagram, so I’ll link that post here. The elastic at the ankles did get a little messed up in the wash, but it’s hardly noticeable when I put them on the body.

15.   Lee’s Distressed Mom Jeans: These are another pick up from America’s Thrift Store, I don’t think they were truly meant to be “mom jeans,” and they didn’t come distressed. I’ve been wary about the mom jean/boyfriend jean trend for a while now; it just doesn’t flatter a curvy body type. If I was going to try the trend out, though, I might as well try it with a pair of 99 cent jeans. These reeked of cigarette smoke, but after six rounds in the washing machine with at least ten scent packs and Febreze, they finally smell less dirty. My twin sister actually distressed them for me, and they don’t look too bad on now. They still fit awkwardly on my body type and cover up my curves, but at least they look edgy while doing it.

I also purchased a few items from Missguided, Fashion Nova, and Aerie by American Eagle:

16.   Aerie High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom: My black bikini bottoms from two years ago don’t fit my smaller frame, so it was time for new ones. I mistook “high cut” for “high-waisted,” so these don’t sit quite as well as I wanted them to, but I still think they look cute. They’re a little more revealing in the back than what I’m used to, but as I said before, I’ve been working on my body, so why not show it off?

17.   Aerie Super Scoop One Piece Swimsuit: This is a masterpiece. I have a picture of me wearing this on my Instagram, as well as in my Charleston, South Carolina Travel Blog Post. It’s so flattering, even for someone as flat chested as I am, and it accentuates the booty too! The scoop back is super sexy as well, and this suit perfectly displays that one pieces can be flattering and sexy too. If you’re breast are a little floppier, though, you might have to worry about a nip-slip. The only thing I wish this bathing suit had was adjustable straps. I had to get a size large for the booty, but it was a little long on my body and loose in the upper body, so the straps kept slipping a bit.

18.   Missguided Petite Nude Bandeau Strappy Crepe Dress: I don’t go out much, but I also don’t have too many “clubbing” dresses. Since the whole Missguided website was 50% off, my boyfriend convinced me to go for it and buy something out of the norm. This dress was a little bit pinker than nude-beige, and the material is a little cheap feeling, but what could I really expect for only $7? It’s also quite short for my personal tastes, but I am petite, so it definitely is suited for a petite frame. I’ve already worn this out, and it does ride up a little bit, but not enough that all my goodies are out.

19.   Missguided Purple Roll Sleeve Crop Top: I am so in love with this top, and I’m definitely thinking about placing an order for every single color they offer in this style. The roll sleeves add a subtle detail, and the crop hits me perfectly on the torso – well below the breasts, but higher than the waistline. This is the softest material I’ve ever owned in such a basic tee shirt, and this is easily the best quality item I’ve purchased in a long while, and it was only $6 on sale.

20.   Fashion Nova Kiki Cropped Top in “Black” and “Ivory”: I’ve been seeing this style of camisole everywhere (cropped with elasticated straps) but most of them sport a square neckline, which I’ve decided isn’t quite flattering if you have no breasts. This one has a slight scoop to it, and while they’ve become a staple and I love these, they’re such poor quality. A strap on the black one broke before I even got it over my head and I sewed it back on. The other strap broke in the washing machine, so I sewed that one back on as well. So far, neither strap on the white one has broken (knock on wood). I love how these aren’t super cropped; much like the item above, the hem hits in the most perfect place. I do want more shirts like this, but I’ll probably be buying them from elsewhere for now on.

21.   Ci Sono Pasha Skinny Jeans in “Medium Wash”: These are not Fashion Nova’s in-house brand, so they don’t fit as well as the other jeans I own from the brand, but I loved the color and distressing enough to keep them despite the ill-fitting waist. With a belt, these look fine. They don’t make my figure look as streamlined as the Fashion Nova brand jeans, but they’re nice for a casual look.

22.   Fashion Nova Canopy Jeans in “Black”: These are the entire reason I made this order. These jeans are almost always sold out, so when I saw them back in stock in my size, I made an order that day. These hug my curves in all the right places; my only gripe about all Fashion Nova brand jeans is that the inseam is so long, so even though they’re meant to be high-waisted to start with, they end up being incredibly high-waisted on my short frame.

23.   Fashion Nova Super High Waist Denim Skinnies in “White”: I needed a pair of white pants to style for my upcoming outfits post, so I purchased these while I was on the website. These are a more stretchy than the other Fashion Nova jeans I own, and those have great stretch already. These are made of a bit thinner of a fabric, so skin tone colored underwear is an absolute must. All else regarding the brand’s jeans apply here too – they make the peach look delectable.

Did you like this “collective haul” style of blog post? Or should I start sharing my purchases just on my Instagram Stories (like I have been doing for the past few weeks)? Let me know by dropping a comment on this post.

Write you little lovelies later,

XO Ky M.

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