2018 Project Pan Wrap Up: the Last Products I Finished

2018 Project Pan Wrap Up: the Last Products I Finished

As a new year begins, it is the perfect time to reflect on various aspects of our lives during 2018. One of my resolutions for this year was to start using up my makeup, especially the products I didn’t get much use out of. As I cleared products out of my collection, I added more products I wanted to finish, and have been doing periodic “empties” or check-ins. This is my final check-in of 2018, but I definitely will be continuing this journey into 2019!

1.     NYX Cosmetics Gotcha Covered Concealer in “Ebony”: This one has been a long time coming. I’ve had this product since I was in my freshman year of college…I’m now entering the second semester of my senior year. I did quite like this product as a contour concealer, but it was just too dark for my skin to use year around. This product also has quite a thick consistency, so it didn’t blend out the greatest and it was easy to use too much product. If full-coverage, thick, creamy concealers are your thing (whether you’re using them to contour or for other areas of the face), this one might be an affordable alternative.


2.     e.l.f. Cosmetics Foundation Palette in “Medium/Dark”: While I didn’t technically finish the entire palette up, I hit major pan on each of the shades and completely finished the one foundation shade that actually matched me. The other two shades are far too red for my skin tone, and the lighter shade in the palette could be used as a concealer if these foundations weren’t so greasy. This palette is great for those who want a very lightweight, dewy finish to their skin, but with my combination skin, it just ends up being a bit too oily. Somehow, though, I always get compliments on my base when I wear this product…maybe because it looks so skin-like? I’m not sure, but others seem to love it on my skin more than I do.

3.     Black Radiance True Complexion BB Cream in “Chocolate”: This product isn’t a bad product at all – I actually quite enjoy it, but I have had major issues with finding a shade that works best for me. I even have another shade of this BB cream, and that one is still too dark for my skin for the majority of the year. This has the coverage of a medium-coverage foundation with the light feel of a BB cream, which is perfect for the summertime. It does smell a bit like sunscreen, but I’d rather it has sun protection with the smell than no sun protection at all. It’s a product I feel would be a staple for my everyday routine if I could just find the correct shade.


4.     e.l.f. Cosmetics Foundation Serum in “Medium/Dark”: I said all I needed to say about this product in this blog post. I’m just happy to have it out of my collection, despite the fact I actually purchased this product during this year.


5.     Ulta Beauty Color Correcting Foundation and Primer Stick in “Rich Mocha” and “Warm Chestnut”: I’ve also talked a lot about these here on my website, so I’ll link a post where I’ve gone more in-depth about these.


6.     Black Radiance Perfecting Eye Shadow Primer: This is another one I’ve had for an extremely long time…try my junior year of high school. I enjoyed it early on (before I had really experimented with a lot of makeup), but as it got older, I feel as though the formula became drier and my eye shadows didn’t appear as vibrant. I now prefer using concealers as eye shadow bases, so I probably won’t continue to use primers, but this isn’t a bad one at all – just a little more drying than what I personally like now.


7.     CoverFX Illuminating Primer: I quite loved the glow this primer gave my skin, but I feel as though there is nothing special about this product. There are plenty of drugstore and affordable brands who offer dewy primers that give the skin a glow, so I probably wouldn’t spend my money on the full size of this one.


8.     Lavanilla the Healthy Deodorant in “Vanilla Blackberry”: This did so little to combat body odor, I might as well have gone without deodorant. This feels slimy under the armpits, and as the day goes on, it becomes worse as the deodorant mixes in with sweat. I can last maybe three hours before smelling an odor, and this is even after the “detox” period natural beauty bloggers claim to experience when they first switch from aluminum-based deodorants. I just cannot deal with this product at all!


9.     Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray: This is another product I purchased this year and couldn’t get out of my collection quick enough. The nozzle on here is horrible, so giant spots of dewy spritz practically create spots of broken up foundation, powder, eye shadow, or whatever other products it lands on. The spray takes forever to dry down, so for at least 20 minutes, I’m looking like a major oil slick. I go more in depth about this product in my setting spray battle blog post.


What products did you finish up during this year? What products would you like to finish by next year? I’m curious to know! Stay on the lookout for more Project Pan Updates, as I will be doing them periodically throughout 2019 as well.


Write you little lovelies later,

XO Ky M.

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