My Favorite YouTubers and Influencers of the Moment

My Favorite YouTubers and Influencers of the Moment

Hello? Is this mic on?

Long time, no blog post. Life is overwhelming. Blah, blah, blah.

Honestly, I’ve been spending a lot of my extra time watching YouTube. My channel recently got remonetized and it sparked a bit of creativity and motivation to post more over there. In spending more time over on the ‘Tube, I’ve discovered that a lot of the influencers I subscribed to no longer fit my taste. At one point, I’d subscribed to and interacted with a lot of larger bloggers, simply hoping a reply back would lead people to my channel. (I never spam commented or self-promoted on their channels; that’s just rude.) Over the past few weeks, I’ve been cleaning my subscription box up – and I’ve found some bloggers I truly love. I watch almost every single video these bloggers come out with, regardless of whether the products or topics are ones I’m even interested in, which is how I know I love these bloggers. I decided to compile a list of them for you all in case you’re itching for someone new to watch.

1.     Samantha Ravndahl: I absolutely love this woman. If she wasn’t already engaged, I would propose to her. I love that she’s not some super bubbly ray of sunshine, which might confuse some people. I’m just over the overly-energetic vloggers because it comes off so artificial to be happy and upbeat all the time. I like that Sam talks about her issues with acne and self-esteem, issues with depression, anxiety, and mental illness, and any other topic instead of only pulling those cards out when they benefit her. (I’m not shaming anyone’s issues with mental illness here. It’s just interesting that some bloggers don’t mention their anxiety and depression until they’re in the middle of a big scandal.) Just because she speaks on these topics, doesn’t mean she’s a drag to watch. Her dry, sarcastic humor is of my own kind, so I “get” her, if that makes any sense.


2.     JuicyJas (aka Jasmine): Jasmine is far more upbeat than Sam, but not in an annoying way. She’s just a sip of cold water on a hot summer day – refreshing. I love her channel so much because she really puts the spotlight on drugstore makeup. She switches it up with high-end products every once in a while, but like me, she is a true drugstore gal at heart. Her chatty get ready with me videos are always instructional, and even as someone who has been doing makeup since she was sixteen, I can always pick up a new tip or trick from her. Her vlog channel is also amazing because she’s never doing super extravagant activities – she’s just a normal girl. That type of humanity should really be spotlighted on YouTube, especially in the beauty community.


3.     GwenGwiz: I initially found Gwen through her ASMR channel (it’s amazing, and she’s one of the only ASMRtists who actually can put me to sleep!). I then found her second channel, which is about fashion and lifestyle. This girl can dress. She’s the epitome of the “cool girl” Instagram style; it’s both girly and flirty, but still fashion-forward. She’s also a Canadian YouTuber, so she features some brands our neighbours up north can actually relate to and purchase from without having to pay outrageous shipping prices and duties. If you need some fashion inspo, I’d highly recommend giving her a watch!


4.     AllyiahsFace: This one snuck up on me. As I mentioned above, I’m over the really loud YouTubers. Allyiah is loud, but I guess in a good way? I’m not quite sure what exactly attracts me to her personality, but her “loudness” just seems authentic. She reminds me a bit of my mom sometimes. Anyway, I also love how honest she’s been with her plastic surgery story. Even though it’s becoming more and more accepted, I’m tired of bloggers who had a flat booty two weeks ago, posting one picture from the gym and saying they built their butt naturally. No girl. She promotes body positivity in that, if you don’t like something about yourself, change it, but also maintaining those changes. She didn’t get her surgery, slim down a bit, and then say “now that I’m thin I can eat/do/treat my body however I want;” she’s shown her dedication to the gym and that even though you can have an instant fix to your body, you should put in the hard work and dedication to keep it that way.


Those are all of the influencers I’ve been I’ve been loving at the moment. If you have more African-American/Black influencers you love, leave them in a comment down below. If we’re being completely candid here, they just haven’t been hitting like that for me lately…


Write you little lovelies later,


XO Ky M.



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