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Best Foundations for All Skin Types

Since I’ve only been wearing foundation for about two or three years now, I’m just starting to figure out what products work well for me versus formulas I dislike. I used to just buy anything a beauty influencer recommended on her channel; now I’m much more selective and think about overall shade range, formula, and finish.

The Hot List :January 2018 Favorites

I loved uploading and watching monthly favorites videos on my YouTube channel. They’re always interesting to watch, as I can glean a lot of makeup, skincare, fitness, and clothing items and brands to try. For some odd reason, when I decided to switch to my website from YouTube as my main platform, I felt as though I couldn’t do monthly favorites anymore. But why not? Instead of just rambling about my favorite products, I can now outline the high points of why I enjoy them without getting too off track. So without further ado, here are my favorites of January 2018.