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Untrodden Territory

As I write this, I’m going into my senior year of college, and while I may look like I have it all together on my Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, I’m absolutely shitting my pants.

Life is Overwhelming.

I know that no one likes to hear the whole “Life Update: Where Did I Go?” type of spiel, but I honestly believe mine can be helpful to others in the fact that just because I’m an “influencer” and put some of my life online (mainly the happiest parts), doesn’t mean everything is okay.

5 Facts About Me

It’s 8:45 AM. My boyfriend left to go to work about an hour ago, and since he’s been gone, I’ve been incredibly bored. I decided that I could use this down time before I head to the gym as blog pre-writing time. I’ve already drafted my first post (even though my website hasn’t even been constructed at this point) and I decided my second post should be a “Get to Know Me” or “Five Facts About Me” type of deal. So here goes nothing!