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We're All Influencers; We're All Content Creators

There’s been a lot of hoopla in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle community regarding the delineation between “content creators” and “influencers”, and “makeup artists” and “makeup enthusiasts.” It’s pretty much spurred into one group of people, particularly those with a larger subscriber, follower, or fanbase count, complaining about being grouped as an “influencer” along with those with smaller followings.

Products I Shouldn't Have Spent My Money On

Being a beauty blogger is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I’m willing to shell out my own money to test out products and review them for others, hoping for those people to not spend money on a crappy product. On the other hand, I’m a small blogger and self-financed, meaning I spend my money on these products, and thus, end up with a collection of subpar makeup items and an emptier bank account.

Small Brand Spotlight: Bahi Cosmetics

Bahi Cosmetics is the breakout beauty brand that has nearly broken Twitter and Instagram. They’re most known for their Sunflower Sweets Serum (SSS). There are plenty of pictures floating around of before and after’s of their customers. Some have histories of terrible acne, and they claim the SSS has completely ridded them of current breakouts while preventing new ones.

How I Style: Early Springtime

I don’t think anyone is more excited about the rapidly coming spring than I am. The flowers blooming, the warm sun tanning my skin…I can see and feel it all, even though the temperature is still getting pretty low in the 30s at night.